Detailed Property Data for 105 Woodstock Road

105 Woodstock Road


EN10 OX2 6HL
N/A sqft
Long Let Gross Yield
Buyer Demand
Turnover per month
Property data for postcode district en10. Last updated January 1st, 2023 at 12:00 PM
Built FormN/A
Construction Age BandN/A
Total floor area in square metersN/A
Last sold forN/A
Price per sqm at last saleN/A
Price per sqft at last saleN/A
Old/NewOld build
Property TypeN/A
Habitable RoomsN/A
Reception RoomsN/A

Housing Market Analysis for 105 Woodstock Road

Local property data for 105 Woodstock Road. Market analytics including house price growth, long-let gross rental yield, buyer demand, average asking price, the average price per square foot and average rent per week

Sold House Price Growth

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Property data for postcode en10. Last updated January 14th, 2023 at 1:43 PM

The Cost of Rooms to Rent in EN10

The following data is for the HMO (House of Multiple Occupation) rental market in en10, looking at the monthly cost-per-room across different room styles. Here, we compare the per-week cost to rent a single room with a shared bathroom, a double room with a shared bathroom, a single room with an ensuite bathroom and a double room with an ensuite room.

Double Room / Ensuite Bathroom£196/wk(avg.) (£127-£277)*
Double Room / Shared Bathroom£167/wk(avg.) (£129-£254)*

HMO room rental data for postcode district en10. Last updated January 31st, 2023 at 1:16 PM. *Spread calculated at a range of 90pc

Council Tax Bands

Find out council tax bands and local authority information of 105 Woodstock Road

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Police & Crime Data

Every neighbourhood in Thames Valley has a dedicated Neighbourhood Policing team. Neighbourhood Policing teams can be contacted via 101, the Thames Valley Police non-emergency number. Always call 999 in an emergency. Neighbourhood Policing teams… Are led by senior police officers and include police community support officers (PCSOs), often together with volunteer police officers, volunteers and partners. May serve one or several neighbourhoods. Work with local people and partners to identify, tackle and prevent local, low-level crime, anti-social behaviour, and any ongoing concerns. Provide you with a visible, accessible and accountable police service and aim to make your neighbourhood safer. Have been present in every Thames Valley neighbourhood since 1 April 2008. Focus all of their efforts on their dedicated neighbourhoods, building relationships with local people. Neighbourhood Policing… Needs you to tell us about the issues that concern you in your area. Has transformed policing at a local level, to meet the needs of local communities. Is known as ‘Safer Neighbourhoods’ in Milton Keynes. From the start of 2010, Thames Valley Police extended its neighbourhood consultation by introducing a wider range of publicised opportunities to meet neighbourhood teams. We will provide open monthly meetings to allow the public to influence our priorities. These meetings will be branded as Have Your Say opportunities, and in many cases will be held in conjunction with partners. View Have Your Say summary and flowchart (PDF 40 Kb - opens new window). Once local priorities have been identified, a broader ‘toolkit’ of problem-solving tactics is being made available to ensure crime and anti-social behaviour is tackled effectively. Across the Thames Valley area, there are many successful Neighbourhood Action Groups which will continue to deliver local problem solving, but the introduction of Have Your Say meetings will allow neighbourhood teams to identify more quickly those specific local priorities that need attention. Thames Valley Police views the introduction of Have Your Say meetings as a positive step in tackling issues that matter most to the public. I welcome your support and engagement in this endeavour. Read more about Have Your Say meetings.

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