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Local property data for 1 Berryfield Road.

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There is no boundary data record near this property as of now.
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Total floor area
No data available
Floor height
No data available
Habitable rooms
No data available
Address: 1 Berryfield Road
Property Type: Not available
Built form: Not available
Construction Age Band: Not available
Tenure: Not available
Local Authority: Not available
Constituency: Not available
Inspection Date: Not available
EPC Lodgement Date: Not available
Main Fuel: Not available
Roof Description: Not available
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There is no UPRN/USRN record for this property as of now.
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Police & Crime Data

The towns of New Milton and Lymington form the policing area New Forest South.Incorporated within this are the parishes ofMiltonFernhillBashleyBartonBectonLymington TownBucklandPenningtonHordleSwayBoldre
Unique force identifier1NW02
Police force NameHampshire Constabulary
Area NameLymington
Neighbourhood URL
Telephone Number101
Email[email protected]
Last Updated2022-04-01

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CategoryLocationMonthOutcome StatusOutcome Date
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    Police and crime data provided by police forces is anonymised to protect victims and not infer exact locations. There was consultation between the Information Commissioner's Office and Data Protection specialists in the Home Office in the run up to releasing this data. Police forces are working within their guidance to create an anonymisation process which adequately minimises privacy risks whilst still meeting their transparency goals and being useful to the public. You can find out more about how they aim to do this here About |

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No mobile coverage information available
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No broadband coverage information available
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Airports Nearby

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Location NameDistance
Bournemouth Airport
10.29 miles 
Southampton Airport
17.66 miles 
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Railway Stations Nearby

Find out Railway Stations Nearby 1 Berryfield Road
Location NameDistance
New Milton Railway Station
2.04 miles 
Sway Railway Station
2.26 miles 
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Sites Nearby

Find out Sites Nearby 1 Berryfield Road
Location NameDistance
Hordle Church of England Primary School
0.19 miles 
All Saints' Church
0.19 miles 
The Rough
0.30 miles 
Breakhill Copse
0.45 miles 
Play Space
0.47 miles 
Yeatton House
0.48 miles 
Other Sports Facility
0.52 miles 
Playing Field
0.53 miles 
Arnewood House
0.55 miles 
Stonyford Plantation
0.59 miles 
Other Sports Facility
0.60 miles 
0.64 miles 
0.64 miles 
White Croft
0.65 miles 
Arne Wood
0.68 miles 
The Woodland Cottage
0.70 miles 
Misty Wood
0.79 miles 
0.79 miles 
Icehouse Plantation
0.79 miles 
Playing Field
0.80 miles 
Play Space
0.81 miles 
Play Space
0.83 miles 
Danes Stream
0.85 miles 
Other Sports Facility
0.88 miles 
Brookside Farm
0.91 miles 
Playing Field
0.93 miles 
Forest Paradise
0.94 miles 
Hordle Lakes
1.00 miles 
Barrows Copse
1.05 miles 
Blackbush Copse
1.12 miles 
Oaklea Farm
1.13 miles 
Honeylake Wood
1.21 miles 
Newlands Manor
1.23 miles 
1.23 miles 
Coopers Croft Farm
1.30 miles 
Keepers Cottage
1.31 miles 
Island Copse
1.33 miles 
Little Arnewood House
1.34 miles 
Taddiford Farm
1.42 miles 
Sandpit Copse
1.47 miles 
Avon Water
1.47 miles 
Knight Bridge Farm
1.54 miles 
Taddiford House
1.54 miles