About Us

Launched in August 2020, property xyz is a property portal designed to meet the needs of investors and buy-to-let landlords. As well as featuring some of the most promising investment opportunities in the UK, our technology and the data partnerships we've entered into, means that the very specific information that an investor would need to make a quick decision about any given, property purchase, is supplied.

Property xyz was founded by veteran property investor and educator Robert Jones and technologist, author and systems architect Dr Simone Di Cola. Together, they recognised sophisticated housebuyers were being failed by contemporary but outdated, property-portal models.

The question was, why is it that investors, landlords or savvy, forward-thinking homeowners, would have to spend hours and days researching local markets, just to get an overall, market picture? The data, they reasoned, could be made instantly available on a platform, willing to adopt the correct, technical approach.

So, together with an expert team of developers, marketers, property specialists, advisors and investors, Simone and Rob launched property xyz, where any address in the UK can be researched in 5 seconds. The technological revolution in real estate is only just getting started... and so are we.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build the world's most intelligent property platform. While contemporary portals provide the opportunity for buyers to kick start the process of making a house purchase, our aim is to provide those buyers with every piece of data they might need to make an intelligent (and on-the-spot) decision. While the focus is on investors and buy-to-let landlords, who are set to gain the most from fully understanding local market conditions, our platform is also of use to those potential homeowners, who want to understand the numbers, underpinning the area they would like to move to.

In the shorter term, we are looking to provide data on every residential property in the UK, whether we are listing it for sale or not. In the longer term, we are going to present so much more.

Our Vision

The property market has many problems, from out-of-date and hard-to-find market data through to complex (and slow to modernise) processes around the exchange of ownership. Technology has many potential applications in this industry and we are increasingly seeing it used, in the service of improving everything from government records, to supply changes, to managing tenancies.

However, we have just started to take our first steps towards what is possible. Our vision is to be at the heart of the proptech revolution and play our role, in making the property industry fit for the 21st Century.

Work With Us

If you are an estate agent, homebuilder, auction house or work in any capacity selling residential property, we'd love to discuss how we can work together. Dedicated, as we are, to investors, we can get your listings in front of a specialised audience, providing them with the data they need to make a quick decision like no other property portal can offer. And with property xyz, it's free to list.

The Partner Network

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property xyz

Properties listed on this site - our investor-focused property portal - are seen by 80k users a month; a number that is growing, quickly.


With 11k+ subscribers, our partners YouTube channels cover an invaluable network for building brand and promoting developments we have for sale.

Property Investments UK

A partner network site, is a property blog and investor resource site that enjoys north of 1 million UK users per year.

The Mailing List

We manage a list of 11k+ UK-based property investors which we regularly clean to ensure that we are only contacting those who wish to see our promotions.

What's Included?property xyzChallengers
A focus on professional buyers, property investors and buy-to-let landlords.
Featured, 'price match' and recommended property listings.
Exclusive promotions, running each month. Don’t miss out to your competition.
List all of your available properties for 100% FREE in our organic listings.
No long-term contracts. You decide what to list and when to list it.


With monthly users topping 200k per month across our investor-focused partner network, we can help you reach a substantial and professional, property-buyer audience.


No yearly lock-in or difficult-to-understand contracts. Simple monthly pricing. Packages to suit your property campaigns. Keeping things simple is part of our philosophy.


Each month we run special promotions through exclusive marketing channels, not available elsewhere. There are limited places per month so it's important to book early.


Join today and lock in our early adopter's rate for 12 months. Upload all of your properties to live in 7 days. Access special promotions through our partner network.

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Getting in on the ground of a new project with early adopter offers, locked in for 12 months.

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Meet the Team

Robert Jones
Robert Jones
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Robert Jones is a former estate agent, veteran property investor, an investment educator, and a well known personality in the property investment space. Over many years he has increasingly been turning his hand to proptech and fintech, which has culminated in the foundation of property xyz.

Dr Simone Di Cola
Dr Simone Di Cola
Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer

Simone Di Cola is a software engineer, holding a first honour BSc, MSc and a PhD in Computer Science. He has proven experience in a wide variety of languages, concepts, and technologies with expertise in software modelling and componentisation of complex architectures.

Kannan Narayanasamy
Kannan Narayanasamy
Senior Software Engineer

Kannan Narayanasamy is an experienced solutions consultant and software engineer whose experience lies with Microservices, cloud, DevOps and Spring Cloud and Istio frameworks. He is also an AWS certified solutions architect and holds a Masters of Business Administration.

Michael Higgins
Michael Higgins
SEO Analyst

Michael Higgins is a digital marketing professional, specialising in SEO, SEM, CRO and marketing automation. He has spent two decades making and promoting websites and online content and the last 6+ years, working in the UK's property investment and proptech sectors.


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