About Us

A Unique Way to Research the UK’s Housing Market

Property xyz is a research portal for the UK’s residential property market. Here, homeowners and renters, landlords and investors can access detailed market data on every location, postcode and individual address in the country.

This platform was founded in 2020 by veteran property investor and educator Robert Jones and technologist, author and systems architect Dr Simone Di Cola. Together, they recognised sophisticated house buyers were being failed by the property portals.

The problem involved a lack of easy access to key data. House buyers who were interested in comparing one area with another or spotting below market value properties or trying to compare rental yields, could spend days making their own spreadsheets.

So, together with an expert team of developers, marketers, property specialists, advisors and investors, Simone and Rob set out to collect, clean and organise data on every location and address in the UK and present it as an easy-to-use site for researchers of the market.

Our Mission

Our aim is to provide home buyers with every piece of data they require, to make an intelligent decision about a property that they might want to buy or an area where they are considering moving to or investing in.

Work With Us

Moving forward we have big plans for property xyz. We are constantly sourcing, organising and cleaning new data sets to include in our records and are close to releasing an AI (LLM) interface for the site.

So, if you are a data provider or have an idea for a product that you think we could help you with, we would be more than happy to talk. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch via our contact page.

Data Sources

Check out latest data providers and partnerships here via our data sources page.