Sell any residential property for full market value

Properties of all conditions accepted in any location in the UK. Problem properties are no problem.

Move forward with greater financial freedom

In most cases, a seller will qualify for an immediate cash advance in lieu of a guaranteed sale.

Sell any number of properties in 7 or 28 days

Sell your property, guaranteed, in 7 days or for greater profit, through an online auction in just 28 days.


Sell Your Property in 7 Days for Cash or in 28 Days for Full Market Value

Quick sale companies that buy properties for cash make their money by buying property (very quickly) at a reduced, market-rate and then either selling it or managing it, as a landlord. That's fine and while both parties are in agreement there is no problem with this model.

Our partner offers this as a service for those who desire a very fast 7-day sale and a guaranteed amount in their bank, in that timescale.

But there is another way. Within a 28-day time period, they can also sell properties, via exclusive online auctions, to a motivated and large, investor community, of all tastes.

This way, you, the vendor agrees on a price and while our partner will take anything over that which is set, the vendor takes home exactly the amount they requested.

  • 7-Day, Approx 70% MV, Guaranteed Sale

    Sellers who require a quick cash sale can sell in 7 days for below market value. Our partner accepts properties in any condition and in any location and many vendors will qualify for a cash advance. A good option for those who need to sell very quickly.

  • 28-Day Online Auction Sale, 100% MV

    Your property will be sold through an online auction. You set the price and will receive that amount and our partner will try and sell it for over that amount, to make a profit. You can also ask for 100% of what the property sells for but in this scenario, would have to pay sales fees.


Changed job and have to move? Going through a divorce? Financial difficulty? Recently inherited? We can help you to free your capital quickly.
If the house is in a bad state of repair, is unmortgageable or is non-standard, don't worry. Our buyers have the means to turn any property around.
It takes, on average, 90 days to complete on a house but many sales fall through. A sale that is faster and guaranteed, is better if you can find it.
Even severe problem properties, such as ones with damaged roofs or with invasive species of plants are accepted. No problem is too great.
If you would prefer your money quickly, most sellers will qualify for a cash advance so you can move forward quickly and securely.
There is no need to sell through estate agents, with the timescales and fees that entails. But you can still receive 100% market value.


Sell your property as tenanted or with vacant possession. Our partner will help you to manage the process to limit void periods.
Unload multiple properties at once. You will save on agent fees and hassle and be a great deal more confident about when your money will arrive.
Access a tenant mediation service, with a wealth of experience in managing your tenants' issues and expectations, during the period of transition.
Unmortgageable and specialised properties are welcome: HMOs, holiday lets, PBSA or houses of non-standard construction, in any state of repair.
Sellers on all packages may qualify for a cash advance. Whether you are selling 1 property or 10 you can access your capital in no time at all.
Sales are made predominantly to other investors or landlords, who are motivated and professional enough to ensure a frictionless transaction.
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