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You are curious. You want to know more about what we are building and have questions about our long-term plans. Most importantly, you want to know about how this site can help you make more informed choices when it comes to buying or investing in UK property.

You want to discuss data. You might be interested in where it has all come from and who we are partnered with. Maybe there is something specific that you would like us to consider including. Perhaps, you are a data provider and have a proposal you would like to share.

Nobody is perfect but we are all, always striving to be better. Maybe you would like to share with us a problem you have had with using this site or spotted something that’s not quite right. We want to know about your experiences and so that we can learn and grow.

You would like to explore a partnership. We are always looking to expand the data in our systems and are building applications (including an AI (LLM)-powered interface) and an API layer for this site. If you have a proposal for how we could work together, we’d like to hear it.

You want to talk about advertising. There are adverts on our site to help us cover our costs. If you have seen an advert you didn’t feel was appropriate, you’d like to know more about how we serve ads or (also) if you are interested in advertising your company with us, get in touch.

You are a journalist or researcher. Our’s is a unique data-set, with data on (nearly) every address and postcode in the UK. We are always available to discuss ways that our site can be utilised by professional researchers to gain insights into the UK’s housing market.